About Us

The Ohio Association of Critical Care Transport was established in 1999. The members of OACCT are members of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) who operate within the State of Ohio and who actively engage in critical care transport as defined by the Ohio Medical Transportation Board standards for Air Medical Transport and/or Mobile Intensive Care Transport teams.

Our Vision: OACCT will lead, innovate, and advocate excellence in critical care transport in the state of Ohio.

Our Mission: OACCT represents a unified voice for the critical care medical transport community in the state of Ohio. Through common effort we will improve the health outcomes of the populations for which we provide care.

Our Core Values: Safety: OACCT is committed to continually improving clinical and operational safety practices for both patients and crew members through research, education, and rigorous commitment to quality improvement.

Best Practices: OACCT is committed to continually improving the standards of operational and clinical practice through education, research, and the application of new technology

Stewardship: OACCT is committed to the responsible stewardship of scarce health care resources through improving systems of care and measuring benefits of transport medicine

Advocacy: OACCT is committed to supporting its members through regulatory and policy advocacy at local, state, and national levels.

Public Outreach: OACCT is committed to supporting its members through public education about the benefits to patients and society offered by competent air medical and critical care ground systems.

Financial Viability: OACCT is committed to developing innovative initiatives and programs that support the financial viability of our members.


Ruda Jenkins, RN, BSN, MBA, CFRN, CMTE
E-mail: president@oacct.org
E. Janie Ward, RN, EMT, CMTE
E-mail: vicepresident@oacct.org
Stacy Hubbard
E-mail: secretary@oacct.org
Safety Committee Chair:
Stan Kocol, Transportation Safety Officer
E-mail: safetycommitteechair@oacct.org
Ohio Association of Critical Care Transport Ohio Chapter of AAMS